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Education That Transforms

We are happy to have this center in Vavuniya to offer this rich tradition of Jesuit formation of young individuals. More than just in the classroom setting, more than books, more than just mere following a syllabus… forming individuals who are more sensitive, who are more attune to the needs of society today. –Thiranjala Weerasinghe, Vavuniya Site Coordinator

Thivera Murukananthan

This year I finished my A/L examination, after that I wanted to study English language properly. That’s why I chose Loyola Campus. I have been studying here for three months. Before I came here, I heard that Loyola Campus is a good place to fulfill our English language needs. But, now I really feel it is the only one place in Vavuniya that is the best English language institution. I am very proud to be studying here. –Thivera Murukananthan

Loyola Campus Vavuniya: Weekend English

Experience the Difference

For the volunteers, who often come from other countries alongside the local volunteers, this is a great opportunity for their own human, social and professional growth. They are transformed. As they encounter the people coming from these war-affected families, it makes a lot of difference to them in their personal lives. There is a very unique spiritual growth we find in our volunteers. –Father Joe Victor, JRS Sri Lanka Acting Country Director