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When I was Cheated


I’m going to tell about people who are dangerous. They are the ones who can cheat professionally? They never make mistakes. But if we looked at them carefully, we can catch or hit the nail on their head and guess who she or he is.

People cheat for money, a job, for relatives and mostly for other deceitful activities. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance that you eventually will. I’m sure we can identify such people every day wherever we are. Sometimes we give opportunity to cheat. They cheat our trust. However, I didn’t mean that it’s our mistake. But we have to identify who is trying to cheat us while acting in a good way in public.

I’m telling about it confidently, because it happened in my life. The person was very talented. I saw her and I thought that she was good and friendly with all. I had never seen any girl like her. So I felt she was a good friend. After a few days she talked with me as her best friend. She talked with everybody in a very close manner and I never thought ill about her behaviour. One day she tried to be very close and she said I have never talked like this to anyone.

Then I identified about her character. Hence, I found that she used to cheat others the same way. She is the one and only cheating master in my life. If I said it to my friends, they would have doubted me and not her. Because all of them are under her control. They all feel that she was a great person and very open minded. But that’s not the truth.

So after that I knew well about her and I stopped and left the friendship. The cheater generally acts differently in front of others. They try to be very close to you. They can cheat us but they can’t change our good character. If you were cheated in the past, perhaps it would be wise to start by clarifying you boundaries. The cheating person uses different patterns. Some pretend to be open-minded. If we forgive such people they will never stop their cheating pattern and they will try this other people. We have to make their behavior public and then only they will stop it. Don’t cheat anyone but do something good for someone and it will be a really rewarding experience.

K Sasitharan (Intermediate)

A Life of Service and in Search of Joy

StudentPortrait_01Everyone is born with lots of dreams. They dream about their future and goals everyday. Dreams always make us to search for our destination. Human beings expect to make their dreams come true. Every success story depends on a specific dream that is like a pillar for our aims in life. It always determines how we are going to live in the future. Whether people are educated or not, they have dreams. Some people don’t realize their dreams. Some others try to discover what kind of dreams they have. Most of the people don’t have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. But some people discover different ways in order to realize their dreams.

I don’t have a specific dream but I like to do something in my life. I think it might be my dream. One of my dream is sharing my knowledge with others especially with children. Some people think sharing knowledge is an easy task to do. But they don’t know the type of difficulties teachers face. They spend their life for the society. They are always like a foundation for others to achieve their goals. That is one of the main reasons I chose this field. This is also my passion. I just want true happiness through my dreams. I feel happy spending time with my students. They always make me happy and I feel better. They are very intelligent.

Another dream of mine is to find a place to live with people who like me truly. I don’t expect a paradise because God has already given a wonderful paradise to live. I just have to find out where it is. It should be surround by flowers, pets, animals, birds and should be more natural. I love everything with wings as I want fly to each and every place. If I don’t have wings I might not find a better place. And my dream is to see and feel snow. I hope one day my dreams will come true.

I want to help others. We believe we are on this earth to help others. Some people need help and encouragement to find their dreams. So we need to achieve our dreams together. We should help to others to find their dreams too.

Premini Karunanithi (EFL Upper-Intermediate)


When they kidnap the wrong Bride …

SulaxshiI recently watched the movie ‘Vetrivel’. I saw it one month ago. I like the actor Sasikumar. Thats why I saw this movie. In the movie a brother attempts to get his younger brother married to the girl he loves by kidnapping her. But the plan goes wrong and results in a messy situation. The main characters are Sasikumar, Pirabu, Nikila, Miya George, Viji Chandrasekar, Ananth Nag, Varsha, Ilavarasu, and Renuka.

The film begins through a recollection from the past where a man commits suicide because he looses in election. So his wife gets angry with her brother Pirabu. Sasikumar’s brother loves Prabu’s daughter. But Pirabu didn’t accept their love affair. At the same time Sasikumar loves Miya, who works in an agricultural college. Pirabu has already arranged a wedding for his daughter. So they decide to kidnap the girl. But they kidnapped another girl. And it happened to be Latha, who is betrothed to Arul , the son of Pirabu’s sister.

The problem starts here. At the end Pirabu agrees for the wedding. Sasikumar starts to live wiith Latha. All of them live happily. Every character is well fleshed out and it is quite interesting to see how situations keep getting out of the characters hand.

Sulaxcy Poologasingam (Pre-Intermediate English)

Unforgettable days in my life



I studied from grade six to eleven in Ilavalai convent. When I was waiting for my O/L results, my boarding mistress sent us to learn English course. One day we didn’t have the class. Then my friend and I planned to go to an ice-cream parlor. Then we went to the ice cream parlor and we enjoyed that morning in the ice cream parlor. Then we went to my house and ate kothuroti and had some fruits for dessert. Then we came to bus stand but we missed the bus at that moment.

Then we were frightened because the next bus will be coming at 2.0’clock. So we were on the road for some time. Suddenly one of my brother’s friend asked us “Do I have to help you?”

Then my brother said “yes”. Then he helped us by dropping to the nearest bus stop. Then we went to town by bus. When we were getting down from our bus one of our convent sister saw us but she didn’t ask anything. Then we went to our convent as usual. The sister who saw us had told to our boarding mistress. Then when we were having our lunch boarding mistress came and asked us “how was your class today?” Then we told we studied two stories. Then she asked us about it. Then we knew that the other sister has told then we said what happened today. Then our sister was angry with us. Then she stopped us from the class. During that holiday sister left us in different places. She left me in Varod. And she left my friend in Uduvil. In these places the differently able children were there. Then I was very afraid to stay with them. I told our sister, sister I won’t do anything without telling you. Then again she took me to Ilavalai convent but my friend was in Uduvil. She was very happy to stay with them. But in the evening our boarding mistress took her from Uduvil to Ilavalai by van. After this problem was solved we were very happy. Then again she left us to follow the english course. Those days were the unforgettable days in my life.


Anandharani (Intermediate)





Water is the most basic need of our life. It is used for many needs like for cooking, washing utensils, to drink, to bathe and water paddy fields gardening, construction. Water is found in various places like pools, sea, wells. Many species live in water such as frogs, fish, crabs, snakes. Water is very essential for people’s lives. Water is used in daily life. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there is no water there would be no life on earth.


Jeevana (Pre-Intermediate)

Child abuse


Our country faces many problems that effect our society .One such problem, a very serious one, is the child abuse. We should remember that action speaks louder than words. The child protection society, various government departments, religious groups are busy and active to solve this problem but the problem continues. One should not forget that children have rights as much as adults have. A right to education, a right to life, a right to leisure and play and a right to every freedom.

But in real life all these rights are denied to thousands of children. Who come from broken families or are homeless. If all these child abuse have to be stopped, all must work hand in hand.  Severe punishment by our courts and law must be imposed on all who resort to crimes against children. There should be special homes and orphanages to care for the children.

Kamsika Mahendran (Intermediate)


My Best Friend.


          My best friend’s name is Theepthika. She respects teachers and her seniors. She is affectionate to her juniors. She is best dressed and a well-mannered girl. She gives respect and in return commands respect from others. She talks less but has the patience to listen to others. Whenever she talks she convinces others. She is a girl of few words. She is sympathetic and helpful to everybody. She is a good student and a dancer. Whenever there is no class she sits in the library and tries to go through all the new magazines and newspapers. When she finds nothing new she picks up some books of her choice, reads and makes notes. In the afternoon she is always in the field either playing netball, badminton or volley ball. She is equally dedicated to her games and her studies.

           I’m always welcomed to her home even by her parents. Her parents are very simple and affectionate. Theepthi is very devoted to her parents and looks after her father’s guests respectfully. Her mother is very good in cooking and she always makes me eat before i leave their house. During vacations whenever our hostel mess is closed i am allowed to eat outside. I visit them regularly as a member of the family. Whenever I miss my own parents I go there and get every thing I could get at my village.

 Mathumitha (Pre-Intermediate)



Games and sports are an important part of our life. It provides the best physical exercise to children. Also it provides relaxation and entertainment.

Playing games helps to improve our brain. Through active sports we can be healthy. They are more important than food and water. Sri Lanka has arranged sports and games as a part of education at schools and universities. We should spend time in sports. They give energy and strength for us. Education without sports is incomplete. Sports give us an opportunity to grow in our life and games help in our career growth.

Games and sports include all outdoor and indoor games such as volleyball, badminton, race, Sudoku, computer racing games etc. They are very important and an easy way to improve physical and mental fitness. It gives us capability and efficiency.


J.Nilakshana (Pre-Intermediate)




Pen is an instrument likes a stick. It has a thin pipe likes a tunnel and inside full of ink and top and bottom of the pen has a little pin. Ink comes through the small nibble. When we write on a paper, automatically  came out and it can write letters or any other symbol.

There are different colures of pens. Few of them are blue, black, red, green, pink  etc….. But commonly we use blue, black, and red pens for our writing.

There are different types of pens like bolt point pens, ink pens, gel pens, signature pens etc…… Ball point pen has a thick ink and ink pen has a liquid ink.

Pen is very use full for us. We can write anything using the pen. I feel it is like water. We can’t live without water.  Also we can’t work at offices or any other writing work without using pens.


Nimali Malalasekara. (Pre-Intermediate)

My Country



Name of my country is SRILANKA capital city is colombo. The president is Mythiripalasrisena. There are three languages Tamil, Sinkala and English. Srilanka is a tourist country. It is surrounded by the ocean. Srilanka is a famous county in Asia, because it has natural beauty. There are 25 districts and 9 Providences. Srilanka education system is very good among Asia. Most of the foreign students came and study here. There are 2 harbors. One is in Colombo fort and other is inTrinco. Trico is a natural harbor. Its a famous tourist area.

 In northern province Jaffna is the capital. There are 5 million peoples staying. At the same time Srilanka’s overall population is 22.2 million. There are more traditional and cultural events like posen, vesak, new year and thaipongal (festivals) .+

I always love Srilanka. Its gives freedom for everyone. When we go abroad for work or study we can’t expert to live in like our country so all Srilankans should be happy staying in this Island. However we have to respect our mother country. East or west our country is the best.

Niranjan (Pre-Intermediate)