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Danusha Shanthakumar

Wordpress_DanushaSanthakumarI am Danusha. I live in Vavuniya. I am 20 years old. I have two sisters and my elder sister got married and another sister is working in Wattala, Colombo. My father’s name Santhakumar. He is a driver. My mother Santhy is a house wife. I have completed my A/L at Vavuniya Rambaikulam Girls Maha Vidhyalayam . My hobbies are reading books and gardening. I can speak Tamil, a little bit of English, a little bit of Sinhala and Sign language. I’m interested in music and reading newspapers. I always keep my house clean and perfect. I’m focusing on my goals and learning foreign languages.

After A/L I have started studying English at Loyola campus from 2016 January to April. It has helped me to improve my English language. Now I’m following intermediate English course and I would like to continue upper intermediate after finishing my intermediate course. I love my English class, because it’s very interesting.

Currently I’m teaching children between the age group 4 to 13 at Loyola Campus. Teaching gives good experiences, especially while teaching children. Some times it’s difficult but mostly it is enjoyable. The children are in different stages.  I love to spend time with them.

Nimalda Sivalingam


Currently I am following Pre-Intermediate level English for four months from May-June 2017. I followed Elementary level English from January – April 2017 at Loyola Campus. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity to learn English language here.

Now, I have improved. I can see a difference in myself. At Loyola Campus, they teach us using interesting methods. When they teach us, we never feel bored. They give a lot of works to improve our reading, writing, listening, speaking skills. The surrounding also really amazing. All the students, those who were studying and who are studying here, are really very friendly.

My eight months of Loyola journey is really wonderful. Therefore, I want to continue the next level of English here because I can feel my improvement when I talk to others in English. I would like to thank Loyola Campus for this improvement in me.

Gnanaraja Ushanthini


I am currently following the Pre-Intermediate level from May –June 2017 at Loyola Campus. Earlier, I followed Microsoft-Office course from January to April 2017. It is a good learning experience. I enjoy Learning English here.

I can see a lot of improvement in myself because; when I first came here, I was not able to speak English properly. But now I can manage in English when I talk to other people. I can say it is a good sign that I am improving in English. So that I want to continue my studies here.

I am sure that Loyola Campus is a better place to learn English. Our teacher cover all the aspects of English (Speaking, writing, listening, and reading). Therefore, it is helpful to improve my knowledge. I’ll continue my studies at Loyola Campus.

Raveenthiran Mershikan


I have been at Loyola campus for more than seven months. It’s my pleasure to be a student at Loyola Campus.  I have followed Elementary level English course from January- April 2017 and now I am following Pre- Intermediate level English course from May- August 2017 at Loyola Campus.

In my point of view, it’s a great chance for me to study at Loyola Campus. Like most of the others when I first visited Loyola Campus, I could not speak in English. Little by little, I improved my knowledge and speaking skills. Now I can speak English fluently.  I’m really happy about this.

Loyola Campus is a nice place and I really enjoy studying English here. I am planning to follow the next level of English. I hope that when I finish my next level I could speak English more fluently. I’m really grateful to Loyola Campus.