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A visit to an Exhibition



It was the end of the last term, when we were taken to see an exhibition at BMICH by our school. It was the exhibition of “Future Minds”. There were many things to see and learn. There were many stalls displaying all kind of modern technology and career guidance material. There were also stalls exhibiting the benefits of joining different study courses locally and in foreign. There were people to explain and make us understand the benefits we could enjoy. I felt this exhibition was well organized. I think this exhibition was very important for us.


Himashi Dilhari (Pre-Intermediate)

I Love Music

StudentPortrait_52I love music it is an art. Music is a universal language understood and loved by one and all. Everyone listens to music, it helps keep our mind strong. Music is like yoga, it makes us happy and helps in balancing tension.

Music can change the human mind. Some animals also like to listen to music. Sometimes music can treat some illnesses. Music and human life are not two things because even from our childhood to our death music comes with us. There is not any function in the world without music, even from our birthday to our funeral we use music. We can’t live without water, oxygen and sun. Also we can’t live a healthy life without music.

Music is a powerful art; it can make a perfect man. Music can unite the people. Music is used to keep the world united.

V. Jeyananthan (Pre-Intermediate)

A Letter to My Future Self


Dear Niranjini,
I hope you are doing well. How is your family? I write this letter for you. I hope that you will get this letter ten years later.
I know you are an ambitious girl and a hard-worker. You want to be an accountant in your future. You are getting a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy now. First, congrats for that.
I want to give one advice, not more. It will help you with your future activities. You must develop your skills. Because, nowadays, the modern world wants skills more than knowledge. So, you must develop your skills with your studies. One day you will realize that.
I want to see your success only. I support you always. My wishes are always with you.
After ten years, all your dreams will come true. All the best. Have the best future. God bless you always.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
Anne Niranshani (Pre-Intermediate)

My Village

StudentPortrait_51My village’s name is Srinagar. It’s very big and beautiful. There are seven lanes in my village. There is temple in my village. There are many shops in my village. My village is very clean. There are two religions in my village. There are Christians and Hindus. The people from different cultures maintain a good relationship and there is no violence. There is a playground in my village. There are many committees in my village. For example: RDS, women’s committee, youth club, etc. My village is included in the UC election. There are many coconut trees in my village. My village is very popular. There are many families in my village. My village families are perfect. I love my village very much.

S. Uthayaprithan (Pre-Intermediate)

Importance of Education

Wordpress_PriyatharshaniEducation is not learning from a book. It includes social learning and life experiences. Education  is not only the teacher the student, but all of the people. For example, family (father, mother, sisters, brothers).

Education is important for life because it gives skills to the people in the world. Educated people can read, write, and communicate. Education also teaches people about the world. People think of solutions to help improve education.

How can education empower people? I believe everyone can receive education one day to empower the world. If one person studies very well then their family will be very empowered. Then one village of many families can empower each other then the village empowers the country all because of education. So, one day I will be empowered by education and be an intelligent person.

Priyatharshani (Pre-Intermediate)


StudentPortrait_28The environment is a gift for everyone. The environment is very important to us. Many things are in the environment. The environment gives many benefits. But, our environment is destroyed by our activities. We put waste in the waterfalls, we burn waste, we use many fuels, and we cut the trees. These activities are destroying our environment. These activities are done by us. So, we must protect the environment. How can we protect our environment?

The first step is to grow many trees, flower plants and vegetable plants. If we do this work, our environment will protect us. Next, we decrease our use of polyethylene. Then, we recycle things. Then, we protect our waterways. Water is an important thing for us. If we live in our environment, we should protect our waterways.

At this time, our climate is very bad. This time is the hottest time. Many greenhouse gases have spread to our environment. Greenhouse gases have a very dangerous effect for us. So, if we do these activities to protect, we will keep our environment safe and we can live in our environment very happily.

J. Karthika (Pre-Intermediate)


StudentPortrait_19Water is very important for humans, birds, animals, etc. All living beings need water. We can live for a few days without food. But, we can’t live without water. We find water as a liquid in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and seas. It is found as a solid in ice form and as a gas in vapor and clouds.

We need water for our daily activities such as bathing, cooking, washing, etc. Water is essential for agricultural purposes too. If there is no water, we can’t grow any food or plants. Water is needed to run power plants. So, it is essential for industry too. We should always try to conserve water. If we must use water in our daily activities, we must not waste water. We must not pollute it.

Water pollution can cause many problems when industrial waste, like oil, is released in the waterways. Sometimes people dump garbage in the waterways. So, people face many problems. Please don’t pollute the water. People must have good and fresh health. So, let us all try to save the water.

M. Kavusika (Pre-Intermediate)

Challenges of Online Education

StudentPortrait_17Most students like to study via online in today’s world because online education programs have created many opportunities.

However, online education students face many challenges.They feel alone, because students miss their personal contact with other friends. They can only get to know other students through e-mail and groups. But,students that take classes in person spend a lot more time with friends and lecturers. However, everyone does not have the opportunity to speak out. And also many students agree that participating in online learning is more limiting than in the regular classroom.

Through online education social interaction would be very limited. Because students can’t share their experiences with each other. Also, not all students learn at the same time or place via online discussions.

An online learning environment does not encourage students to participate more. If you want to get notes or information, you will not get study materials consistently. Also, some online education courses are not recognized systems by universities.

Therefore, online education has many challenges. So, regular education methods are better than online education.

J. Nilakshana (Pre-Intermediate)

The Internet

StudentPortrait_49The Internet is so far one the greatest innovations in the world. The people can shop in online stores and communicate with family and friends by using the Internet. There are a lot of advantages and some disadvantages of the Internet.

First, an advantage is communication. The Internet helps people talk easily with others because it is cheap and convenient. Second, an advantage is sharing. If we want to tell our friends about any information, we can share music and videos. Also, it is used for entertainment.This is one of the major reasons why many people use the Internet. We can watch movies and listen to music, etc.

But, we can also use the internet in violent ways. This is a disadvantage of the Internet. Some people get addicted to the Internet. It is easy to waste a lot of time on the Internet. The Internet is not free. If we do not require it for getting information, it is a waste of money. Finally, we want to use for good.

V. Thanusiyan (Pre-Intermediate)

The Computer Device

StudentPortrait_47Computers are important in this world. It is a device. The computer provides many facilities. It was founded decades ago. We can do many hard works. It is easy to use a computer. If we want to use computers, learning the English language is very important. Because, computers use English for most of the instructions. The computer can be divided into many categories. If a company was many computers, all these computers can be connected to one main computer. The computers help us. Finally, it is a special device in this world.

Mathuranyagam Thujeepan (Pre-Intermediate)