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Advantages and Disadvantages of the use of mobile Phones

Wordpress_ Sasina Muhammed Razik

In this modern world mobile phones occupy a major part in human life style. Mobile phones have completely changed the way people interact. We can see everywhere that almost all people having and using mobile phones. In our days, students also get the advantages of mobile phones.

 For students, a mobile phone is a great tool to improve their knowledge. For example, if they need any information with regards to any topics they can search for it through mobile phones and within a second they get what they look for. Through these information they can also clear their doubts.

In general there are many advantages people get through mobile phones. People easily communicate with one another anywhere in the world. It helps people to get to know easily about what happens around the world within a second. People also use mobile phones for their entertainment. They play interesting and thrilling computer games. Over a mobile phone people check their finical status in banks. They send and read emails through phones. People are also able to type, edit and read any documents even when they are on the move.

 As we get many advantages from the use of mobile phones we also face many problems and difficulties which can be counted as disadvantages of the use of mobile phones.

Some students and people tend to over use mobile phones. In such cases, they have to face many diseases such as eye diseases, finger diseases and brain diseases. Some students are having a very challenging life because of the availability of many unwanted of websites. Because of the use of unhealthy websites many people are leading a stressful life.

In this world mobile phones are wanted by everyone to lead their lifestyle. Only if we control the use of mobile phones we all can lead a very happy and relaxing life.

   Sasina Muhammed Razik  (Pre-Intermediate)                                               


Wordpress_Jelinton Jesunesan

One of the most precious treasures from God, which we don’t select by ourselves, is our parents. They offer their whole life for us. They are the symbol of love, kind, mercy and care. They guide us in the best way they know to achieve a bright future.

                                                     Our parents are next to God. We get God’s blessings from them. I’m sure all of you have a loving and caring parents. Our parents stand by us in all occasions. But we don’t sometimes recognize their good intentions. However, they forgive us even when we break their hearts and help us to face challenges in the modern world. In my experience parents’ love is the best love forever. So let us respect and accept their merciful love.

Jelinton Jesunesan (Pre-Intermediate)

My Enjoyable Weekends

Wordpress_Sachin . CI spend most of my weekends either with my family members or friends. After spending five days of classes and extracurricular activities, I am quite keen on having a relaxing weekend. I prefer lazy weekends than busy weekends because my weekdays are very busy and stressful. In fact, I would like to do relaxing activities during the weekends.

On weekends I wake up very late in the morning. After having a delicious breakfast, I spend two hours at the playground. I am mostly in the net practicing, which helps me to get good batting skills and it helps me to get a good score on matches. After the games, for about two hours, I watch horror movies which really thrills and scares me. Then, I play some interesting video games which make me think a lot. Beside these, I have some hobbies too.

One of my hobbies is collecting stamps. I collect stamps during the weekends. I have a younger brother. I am very much interested in him. So I spend time with my little brother which makes both of us feel good. And then, I have a tasty lunch at home with my family. In the afternoon, I watch a new movie of recent release. In the evening, I visit my friends and we all go for an outing which I really enjoy. Along with my teammates I go to the indoor stadium and play table tennis. This game really helps me to develop my concentration and makes me feel confident about my skills. I go for a walk in the park with my friends and we enjoy ourselves eating ice cream.

Then I have a delicious dinner at home. After dinner, I spend around  two hours on the Internet and social media, like Facebook and Twitter to get some information and to make contact with my distant friends. And then, around eleven o’clock, I go to bed. While in bed, I listen to music which makes me relax and feel free to sleep. These routine activities are the same on Saturdays and Sundays for me. Since my weekdays are demanding, I am really happy to receive my weekends.

Sachin C. (Pre-Intermediate)


Wordpress_PrinsonKulenthirakumarLove is revolving around the universe by the help of good affection. No one is without affection because every living being mingles with one another by the bridge of a relationship. So such love is celebrated by us with great joy, zeal, and eagerness.

Prominence of Love

Love is the center figure of a relationship. It gives many benefits to our life. If anyone living in the world without love, considers it very essential and prominent. It’s seen as the fuel of a vehicle. Because a vehicle doesn’t function if it doesn’t have fuel, the same thing applies here.

Symbol of Affection

Predecessors are saying that “Mother is symbol of affection.” A mother’s affection is unlimited. It is fulfilled between two persons, two animals or two insects. According to my point of view, affection is dominating everywhere and anywhere.

Varieties of Affection

Everyone has limitations in this world such limitations differentiate from one to another. How can we identify varieties of affection? Affection is the only basis for a good relationship except for other aspects also along with the affection. Those are love, friendship, and respect. All things are different from one another depending on the meter of affection.

Lot of Chaos Mingled with Affection

With affection falling also comes. Because it has happened in every life. Every transformation comes along with our desire. No desire causes confusion to enter in every life. We have to solve that with the help of intelligence. When we don’t have affection, we are afraid to solve the problems. We will achieve a lot by the help of love

Deepest understanding

By the help of good understanding we can solve all the problems raised in our relationship. A great bond will be damage by some problems. So, we must avoid those through good understanding between one another. So, deepest understanding is the only solution to clean all the chaos.


“Nobody can decide our life because we are the creator and we are the deciding person.” So, we want to live in the world without problems with the high prosperity and extreme pleasure.

Prinson Kulenthirakumar (Pre-Intermediate)