Students’ Tour to Nuwara Eliya

The students and staff of Loyola Campus- Mannar organized a tour to Nuwara Eliya, the Central part of Sri Lanka from 8-10 December 2017. The staff supported by the students planned and arranged the tour. The students got the opportunity to visit a number of important places such as Nuwara Eliya town, Gregory’s Park, Horton Plains etc. For most of the students this was the first time visiting a hilly station in the Central part of Sri Lanka. It was indeed an exciting experience for the students.

Since many Sri Lankan schools do not provide coeducation opportunity and to mature and maintain healthy relationships with those of the opposite sex, tours of this nature and many of the interactions at Loyola Campus becomes crucial in the growth and development of students. It is a way of providing education which is holistic and affects the human person and not just the intellect.

While Loyola Campus provides education through classroom activities, initiatives of this nature also are expected to mould the students and help them to be better persons in the society. Two of the areas that was observed during the trip is the readiness of the students to take leadership and the amount of maturity shown during the entire trip.

Fr Daniel Hendrickson’s Visit

Rev Fr Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, PhD, the 25th president of Creighton University was on his visit to Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka to meet students, faculty, staff and senior administration. During his short visit, Fr Hendrickson visit three Loyola Campus Centres situated in Trincomalee, Vavuniya and Mannar including the Country Office in Mannar. He congratulated the staff for the successful establishment of 5 Community Learning Centres – the Loyola Campus. He noted that the collaboration of JWL-Loyola Campus will serve many young people. The campus is a shared community of learners without WALLS and attempts to reach out to the youth to bring the best of Universities to youth affected by war – who are at the margins. He further noted that this collaboration with the Sri Lanka Province is very exemplary. INTERNATIONALLY – Sri Lanka is setting some model and good standards on how to work together and keep one another informed. Thank you, Fr Hendrickson, for your visit to bring the BEST to the LEAST and for making us known internationally.


QUEST 2017


QUEST 2017, the English Day of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka was held on 18 November 2017 at Loyola Campus- Mannar. Hon. Dr. Gnanaseelan Gunaseelan, the Minister of Health, Indigenous Medicine and Probation and Childcare Services was the Chief Guest of the Function. Rev Fr Anton Pieris SJ, the Executive Secretary and Admonitor to the Provincial of Sri Lanka Jesuit Province was the Guest of Honour. A number of guests and dignitaries attended the function.

‘QUEST 2017’, the English Day was also attended by the current students who follow English courses at Loyola Campus centres in Sri Lanka and the students of Jesuit Academies and students from different schools in Mannar. It provided the students an opportunity to meet others from various parts of Sri Lanka. The event was also instrumental in promoting peace and reconciliation among students of different ethnicities and religions.

This was the first ever effort on the part of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka to bring together students of diverse backgrounds such as Mannar, Vavuniya, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Trincomallee, Batticaloa and Hatton to one place. Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka had two-fold aims in organizing ‘QUEST 2017’:

  1. To provide the students a platform to showcase their talents and to provide an encouragement to master the English language through a process of hardwork and dedication.
  2. Provide the students a space which is not polarized by divisions of geography, ethnicity, nationality, language and social differences. QUEST 2017 was itself a process towards reconciliation.

Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka hopes to organize such events regularly through the assistance and support of its Centres located in five different places in Sri Lanka.

Teachers’ Day in Mannar

The students of Loyola Campus- Mannar organized the Teachers’ Day celebration on 6 October 2017. Rev Fr Roy Fernando SJ was the Guest of Honour for the programme. The students took great initiatives in organizing this special day and felicitated the teachers who have been a great part of their learning process at Loyola Campus. The students performed a number of entertainment programmes such as speech, dance, song etc. It was a joy to see the numerous initiatives that the students have taken and the leadership qualities demonstrated through the organizing of Teachers’ Day.

Campus Cleaning in Mannar

The students of Loyola Campus- Mannar contributed through their labour in keeping the Campus clean and tidy. This is part of the learning tasks for the students to become more aware of their surroundings and become more sensitive to nature. Though such activities the Institute hopes to improve the awareness among the students the need to keep their surrounding clean become lovers of nature.

Mock Interviews

The students of Loyola Campus- Mannar had the opportunity to take part in a series of mock interviews as a classroom assignment in learning English. The students were appointed to be interviewers and interviewees. The interviews were conducted with the same seriousness of a normal interview. It was a great opportunity for the students to practice their skills in speaking and facing an interview.

Loyola Campus- Mannar hopes to specifically concentrate in capacitating students in improving such useful skill related areas. Suck skills will make them more valued in the years to come. The students showed great enthusiasm and interest in learning and being a part of this activity.