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Art is a Language

dsc09055Art is an expression of the human experience. Art is the language of an artist. We can understand that language while seeing the works of art. At this point we need to understand what works of art are? It includes painting, sculpture, video art, printmaking etc.

Although I know about other forms, I know very well about painting, sculpture and printmaking. Because I’m an artist. Art has its own language. I don’t think these artistic languages work exactly like spoken or written language. It’s not linear and doesn’t mean thing in the same way. Besides, painting is the most powerful medium than sculpture. Because painting attracts people and it means a lot to each person. I did finish some paintings. I have a unique touch in my paintings. But I give freedom for others to interpret it the way they like.

I like to share how I used painting as my language. All my paintings are the effects that create changes in human life specially the opinion of a person on other person for the purpose of expressing them like human faces, lotus bud, abstracting human body, nails, collected of clouds I have used. I have shown human head in two forms. It is commonly known that a person has two faces. I do not come here to argue whether it is true or false. Everyone has his own opinion of another person. We often make an opinion of a person based on information from another person. They may give true or false information.

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I have noted in my painting that it is a wrong approach. I used nails in heads in painting. I used several colored nails to show it. My opinion is the opinion of the viewers when they see colored nails. I show the nails without giving much pain to them. But it will be painful for the viewer’s minds. So don’t judge anyone without knowing about them by yourself.

And if anyone judge you like it, don’t get upset. Art has a great advantage as a language. Artists use it. They say something new to the society. In painting every color has a meaning. If you like art, you will like my paintings too.

Sasidharan Kirubairajah (EFL Intermediate)

The Day I met Him

angelin-intermediateLife is full of unexpected experiences. No one knows what will happen at any moment. These unexpected experiences happen when we meet a person. In my life I meet a person in the most unexpected manner.

Last year during Christmas our church organized a program to help poor people, elders and disabled. The youth members planned to have a program in an orphanage. It was in Kandy. Early morning we took all the necessary things and started our journey to Kandy. We reached Kandy at 9.o’clock. Then we started our programmme.

We sang songs, danced and acted dramas. We had lunch. Then we distributed things to people. I enjoyed that day. Then we returned to Vavuniya. At that time our bus broke down. So some boys helped to repair the bus. I saw a beautiful church in the opposite side of the road. I went to that church. It was beautifully decorated with light bulbs.

But nobody was in that church. It’s too cool and silent. I heard music. One boy played the guitar. He was handsome and smart. I was impressed with him. Suddenly I heard a sound. So he stopped his music. Some children lit firecrackers and enjoyed. The firecrackers and light bulbs were too colorful. It was like heaven. I felt that I saw a handsome boy in heaven. Suddenly one thing crossed my mind, ‘Marriage are fixed in heaven’. I laughed and saw my bus but it was not there. Then I realized that I had missed my bus. I was frightened. I started to cry. That boy asked what happened to you? I said all what happened. He spoke very softly. He took me in his car and we followed my bus. Finally I caught up with my bus.

But I didn’t say thanks to him. This is my unforgettable moment in my life. I missed him. I didn’t see such a nice person again. I am waiting to meet him.

Angelin Parameswaran (EFL Intermediate)

Learning to treat women with respect


Women are also gifts from God. They are the symbol of independence, love, caring, gentleness and intensity both in love and in hate. Women are emotionally stronger than men. Women have not been often treated well by men. They have been denied their rights and opportunities. Most of the girls are made housewives and mothers.

Society makes the excuses using religion to prevent girls from studying. Girls who are well educated make better wives and mothers than uneducated women. Another problem is the system of dowry. The groom’s family demands a sum of money from the bride’s family. If the father is unable to pay, the bride will usually marry another one. So, she is mentally and physically affected. Sometimes girls commit suicides.

They are not allowed to go to work. Sometimes husbands also become jealous because the wife earns better than him. Man prevents her freedom. They also face problems in getting a better position at office where they are competing with men. Nowadays we want to give freedom for women and respect them. Men and women both have same feelings. Hence, don’t ignore them.

Julogini Varatharasan (EFL Intermediate)

To become a Lawyer and stand by the weak

kamzhiga-intermediateEverybody has an ambition in life. A person without an ambition in life is useful to none. Most of us have goals and drams to archive. My ambition in life is to become a well known and successful lawyer. A lawyer is some one who studies law and get a degree. If people have a problem in law or with someone else they have to get legal advise to correct themselves. A case goes to court when a person is accused of a crime. The person will need a lawyer to show that they have not committed a crime. I want to be a well-known lawyer because I want to defend and help people. I want to represent those who are scared and to be the voice of the voiceless. I want to fight for justice and use my power to help poor people. I would like to help them. If I succeed in my ambition, I shall do my best to be a good social worker. I will try to avoid the feelings like greed, jealousy and selfishness.

Kamzhiga Srikaran (EFL Intermediate)

Relationships build lives


Most people want to live a better life. So they form relationships with other people. They are family members or close friends. There are various reasons why people get connected and form relationships. Those reasons are by blood, by work, by marriage and by friendship. Relationships give meaning to our life. But some people need relationships for emotional support, care, love , protection and affections.

In good relationships people are happy, healthy, respected and peaceful. In good relationships people encourage each other. But it is not an easy task to built good relationships. It takes a long time to construct them.

The most important key to maintaining a healthy relationship is to love and care. This includes successful communication or sharing of ideas, feelings and things between those in a relationship. People need to try new things together. We should work as a team and help each other to create new things and memories.

Many relationships are formed out of respect and trust. We can become satisfied with our lives by supporting our family members at all times. Most of the relationships break because of misunderstanding among the parties. Sometimes we need to keep quite and listen to others’ ideas and feelings.

When people hear the name relationship they always think of having boy friends or girl friends. But having a good relationship with our family is very important. Because definitely we can trust our family and they are always tell us the truth and they always support and encourage us in difficult situations.

If anyone says that she did not have a relationship then she will be a boring person. Relationships give you the chance to interact with people. Doctors say that relationships will reduce stress and make us healthy people. Relationship is a necessary and fundamental part of life. It is the path to success. Relationships keep us alive.

Angelin Parameswaran (EFL Intermediate)

Becoming better husbands and wives


Family is the basement of a good country. In order to change your country, one has to make one’s family better. When a man and a woman get married, there the family is created. The man takes his role as a “husband” and a woman takes her role as a “wife”. They need to make themselves happy and create a good family in the society. They need to know how to live with each other, how to make a better family, how to build good relationships, how to be good parents for their children and how to guide their children in a good way.

A good husband is a friend. He is the backbone of his family by providing them with nurturing care, love and bringing them happiness. The husband should attempt to show his tenderness. He should realise the importance of sharing duty of responsibility of parenthood because it takes two people working together to make a relationship work. Perform one act of kindness everyday. Husband has to show kindness and express thoughtful compliments. A Husband can do different things for example bringing nice flowers on wife’s birthday. But doing a few things on the other days will make his wife feel special, too. A husband can help the kids and assist in homework, preparing her favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner. Better husbands are always the best friends of their wife.

A good wife is a second mother to every man. She is the soul of a family. She wants to leads her family in a good way. When a woman takes the role of wife, she has to sacrifice many things. She needs to build a better communication with her husband. She needs to listen to what he says. A good wife always gives respect to her husband. She imagines that her children to be “prince” and “princess”. She never compares her children with other’s children. She gives love to her husband and children. She makes her husband and children feel that she is the best wife and mom. When a woman acts in this fashion she will feel complete. She can shared everything with her husband; make her husband to be a great person in the society.

If you become a better husband or a wife, you can avoid some issues, such as anger, being in competition, laziness, being addicted to internet or television. We can try to spend time with our family. Always forgive and forget. Become a better husband or a wife and make our life fabulous.

Thiyahini Jebarasa (EFL Intermediate)


English connects and brings opportunities


Language is the primary source of communication. It’s the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. There are thousands of languages in this world. Some languages are spoken by millions of people, but other languages are spoken only by a few thousands of people. English was originally the language of England. But it has become the primary or secondary language of many countries such as United states, Canada, Australia and India. English language is the International common tongue. It is the most common foreign language. This means that two people who come from different countries (for example: A Mexican and Sri Lankan) usually use English as a common language to communicate. That’s why everyone need to learn the language in order to get in touch with all. Speaking will help you to communicate with people from countries all over the world.

English language is also essential in the field of education. In many Countries, children are taught and encouraged to learn English as a second language. At university studies are conducted in English. On the internet, the majority of websites are written and created in English. It’s the primary language of the press. Many newspapers and books are written in English.

Many people think that it is a difficult and confusing language. But English is actually the easiest language of the world to learn. There are so many resources available to learn English. Watching TV and movies in English with English subtitles is the best resources to pick up the conversational English language. If we have a good understanding and communication ability in English we can travel around the world. For this reason, we have to know English whatever age we are in.

Inthujalini Paranthaman- EFL Intermediate

When I was Cheated


I’m going to tell about people who are dangerous. They are the ones who can cheat professionally? They never make mistakes. But if we looked at them carefully, we can catch or hit the nail on their head and guess who she or he is.

People cheat for money, a job, for relatives and mostly for other deceitful activities. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there’s a good chance that you eventually will. I’m sure we can identify such people every day wherever we are. Sometimes we give opportunity to cheat. They cheat our trust. However, I didn’t mean that it’s our mistake. But we have to identify who is trying to cheat us while acting in a good way in public.

I’m telling about it confidently, because it happened in my life. The person was very talented. I saw her and I thought that she was good and friendly with all. I had never seen any girl like her. So I felt she was a good friend. After a few days she talked with me as her best friend. She talked with everybody in a very close manner and I never thought ill about her behaviour. One day she tried to be very close and she said I have never talked like this to anyone.

Then I identified about her character. Hence, I found that she used to cheat others the same way. She is the one and only cheating master in my life. If I said it to my friends, they would have doubted me and not her. Because all of them are under her control. They all feel that she was a great person and very open minded. But that’s not the truth.

So after that I knew well about her and I stopped and left the friendship. The cheater generally acts differently in front of others. They try to be very close to you. They can cheat us but they can’t change our good character. If you were cheated in the past, perhaps it would be wise to start by clarifying you boundaries. The cheating person uses different patterns. Some pretend to be open-minded. If we forgive such people they will never stop their cheating pattern and they will try this other people. We have to make their behavior public and then only they will stop it. Don’t cheat anyone but do something good for someone and it will be a really rewarding experience.

K Sasitharan (Intermediate)

Unforgettable days in my life



I studied from grade six to eleven in Ilavalai convent. When I was waiting for my O/L results, my boarding mistress sent us to learn English course. One day we didn’t have the class. Then my friend and I planned to go to an ice-cream parlor. Then we went to the ice cream parlor and we enjoyed that morning in the ice cream parlor. Then we went to my house and ate kothuroti and had some fruits for dessert. Then we came to bus stand but we missed the bus at that moment.

Then we were frightened because the next bus will be coming at 2.0’clock. So we were on the road for some time. Suddenly one of my brother’s friend asked us “Do I have to help you?”

Then my brother said “yes”. Then he helped us by dropping to the nearest bus stop. Then we went to town by bus. When we were getting down from our bus one of our convent sister saw us but she didn’t ask anything. Then we went to our convent as usual. The sister who saw us had told to our boarding mistress. Then when we were having our lunch boarding mistress came and asked us “how was your class today?” Then we told we studied two stories. Then she asked us about it. Then we knew that the other sister has told then we said what happened today. Then our sister was angry with us. Then she stopped us from the class. During that holiday sister left us in different places. She left me in Varod. And she left my friend in Uduvil. In these places the differently able children were there. Then I was very afraid to stay with them. I told our sister, sister I won’t do anything without telling you. Then again she took me to Ilavalai convent but my friend was in Uduvil. She was very happy to stay with them. But in the evening our boarding mistress took her from Uduvil to Ilavalai by van. After this problem was solved we were very happy. Then again she left us to follow the english course. Those days were the unforgettable days in my life.


Anandharani (Intermediate)

Child abuse


Our country faces many problems that effect our society .One such problem, a very serious one, is the child abuse. We should remember that action speaks louder than words. The child protection society, various government departments, religious groups are busy and active to solve this problem but the problem continues. One should not forget that children have rights as much as adults have. A right to education, a right to life, a right to leisure and play and a right to every freedom.

But in real life all these rights are denied to thousands of children. Who come from broken families or are homeless. If all these child abuse have to be stopped, all must work hand in hand.  Severe punishment by our courts and law must be imposed on all who resort to crimes against children. There should be special homes and orphanages to care for the children.

Kamsika Mahendran (Intermediate)