Fr Daniel Hendrickson’s Visit

Rev Fr Daniel Hendrickson, SJ, PhD, the 25th president of Creighton University was on his visit to Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka to meet students, faculty, staff and senior administration. During his short visit, Fr Hendrickson visit three Loyola Campus Centres situated in Trincomalee, Vavuniya and Mannar including the Country Office in Mannar. He congratulated the staff for the successful establishment of 5 Community Learning Centres – the Loyola Campus. He noted that the collaboration of JWL-Loyola Campus will serve many young people. The campus is a shared community of learners without WALLS and attempts to reach out to the youth to bring the best of Universities to youth affected by war – who are at the margins. He further noted that this collaboration with the Sri Lanka Province is very exemplary. INTERNATIONALLY – Sri Lanka is setting some model and good standards on how to work together and keep one another informed. Thank you, Fr Hendrickson, for your visit to bring the BEST to the LEAST and for making us known internationally.


Fr Peter Ballais SJ’s Visit

Rev Fr Peter Ballais SJ, the Executive President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL), and Mr Armado Borja, Director for JWL Internal Operations visited Sri Lanka during 17-18 October 2017. The visit was a part of an annual visit of JWL in assessing the progress of the Learning Centres in Sri Lanka and planning ahead for the future. The Director of Loyola Campuses briefed Fr Peter Ballais SJ on the developments form different Centres and the desire of students for education. A number of important decisions were made during the meeting. Fr Peter Ballais SJ accepted to academically support the new learning Centres proposed by Rev Fr Milroy Fernando SJ, the Country Director of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka. Fr Peter Ballais SJ and Mr Armando Borja also briefed the team of Directors from Loyola Campus about the new courses that would be offered by JWL: Diploma in Humanities (Regis University) and English Teacher Training Programme (Creighton University).


QUEST 2017


QUEST 2017, the English Day of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka was held on 18 November 2017 at Loyola Campus- Mannar. Hon. Dr. Gnanaseelan Gunaseelan, the Minister of Health, Indigenous Medicine and Probation and Childcare Services was the Chief Guest of the Function. Rev Fr Anton Pieris SJ, the Executive Secretary and Admonitor to the Provincial of Sri Lanka Jesuit Province was the Guest of Honour. A number of guests and dignitaries attended the function.

‘QUEST 2017’, the English Day was also attended by the current students who follow English courses at Loyola Campus centres in Sri Lanka and the students of Jesuit Academies and students from different schools in Mannar. It provided the students an opportunity to meet others from various parts of Sri Lanka. The event was also instrumental in promoting peace and reconciliation among students of different ethnicities and religions.

This was the first ever effort on the part of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka to bring together students of diverse backgrounds such as Mannar, Vavuniya, Puthukkudiyiruppu, Trincomallee, Batticaloa and Hatton to one place. Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka had two-fold aims in organizing ‘QUEST 2017’:

  1. To provide the students a platform to showcase their talents and to provide an encouragement to master the English language through a process of hardwork and dedication.
  2. Provide the students a space which is not polarized by divisions of geography, ethnicity, nationality, language and social differences. QUEST 2017 was itself a process towards reconciliation.

Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka hopes to organize such events regularly through the assistance and support of its Centres located in five different places in Sri Lanka.