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Loyola Campus- Batticaloa became operational from January 2018. The Jesuit Academy of Batticaloa which was operational for number of years providing assistance in English lays the foundation for the newly established Centre. Loyola Campus- Batticaloa was formally inaugurated by Rev Fr Dexter Gray SJ, the Provincial Superior of Sri Lanka Jesuit Province on 10 April 2018, though the operation has begun in January 2018.

Loyola Campus- Batticaloa is located beside St Micheal’s College, Batticaloa, once a prominent Jesuit school in the east. Student who are interested in equipping themselves with skills in English language and computer avail the services offered at the Centre.

Although located in the heart of Batticaloa town, the Centre attempts to reach out to those students who are in the rural areas and who might need the assistance of Loyola Campus than anyone else.

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