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Loyola Campus, an initiative of the Jesuits under Wanni Mission was formed in 2017 offer tertiary and higher education opportunities at the margin. This also marks the transcendence of Wanni Mission beyond geographical boundaries and enables to reach and serve those in margins of our society. Loyola Campus motivated by the motto ‘Educate. Empower. Transform’ hopes to create new learning environments and spaces where Jesuits hope to form a generation of young men and women who burn with the zeal for a new humanity. It is important to understand that Loyola Campus is a shared community of learners who journey together in companionship with one another, nature and the Divine. It is a community that transcend the physical walls and the barriers created by human limitations. Wherever this community is present Loyola Campus too operates. This community that Loyola Campus serves is the embodiment of the qualities and values exemplified in an Ignatian journey and it becomes a counter-cultural sign in promoting peace, harmony, reconciliation and justice.

First it was in 2014, during the Apostolic Discernment that the Jesuit Province of Sri Lanka took a bold step in recognizing the need to serve the war affected youth and vulnerable students in the North and Eastern parts of the country. It was a Jesuit response to the post-war scenario of the island. Although Jesuits have been involved in the North and East, the Province recognized the need to especially offer tertiary and higher education opportunities in these parts of the island. This intervention in 2014, directed the Province to work in collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service- South Asia and Jesuit Commons: Higher Education in the Margins (JC-HEM) which is now known as Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL). Thanks to the generous contributions of JRS-South Asia Centres, in Mannar and Vavuniya were established in February 2015 and September 2015 respectively as fully equipped learning Centres. This initiative was a tripartite collaboration. JWL offered academic content and worked closely with both JRS and the Jesuit Province of Sri Lanka. However, in December 2016, with the end of most of JRS operations in Sri Lanka, these two-tertiary education Centres came under the direct purview of the Jesuit Province of Sri Lanka.

Loyola Campus (Jesuit Higher Education Sri Lanka) has signed a MoU with JWL in order to collaborate and work together in providing best education opportunities to those in the margins. While Loyola Campus is an independantr entity of the Jesuit of Sri Lanka, it has recognized JWL as the preferred partner in providing a number of certificate courses and a diploma programme. With the accreditation of all the learning Centres the Tertiary Vocation Education Commission (TVEC), Loyola Campus, in future hopes to offer a number of NVQ level courses as well.  Loyola Campus operates 5 tertiary education Centres: Loyola Campus- Mannar, Loyola Campus- Vavuniya, Loyola Campus- Mullaitivu, Loyola Campus- Hatton, Loyola Campus- Trincomalee. Two more Centres, one in Sampur and the other in Moneragala district are expected to be operating in mid 2018. Loyola Campus Country Office will be located in Mannar which will provide coordination and guidance for the Centres to blossom.

At the moment Loyola Campus offers two types of courses at the Centres. Some courses are affiliated to JWL and other courses are developed and offered by Loyola Campus. Currently English as a Foreign Language and Computer Applications (Adobe Photoshop and InDesign) are the two-course affiliated to JWL. There are four non-JWL courses: Computer Applications Assistant, Graphic Designing, Computer Application: Adobe Photoshop, Web Designing, Introduction to Photography and Sinhala.


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