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Yet Another Transition

The month of July turned out to be a happy and a significant one for the staff and the students to have both the former and the new directors together at Loyola Campus. Their presence and commitment set an example among the youngsters to grasp the meaning of unity, collaboration, and companionship. Thiranjala Weerasinghe is getting ready to leave to Birmingham to continue his religious formation. The staff and the students thank him wholeheartedly for his unfailing and dedicated service rendered to the Campus and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

At the moment we keep ourselves busy with finding ways to promote students for the new batch starting from September.  It is a tremendous joy to see how the present students show interest in spreading the news about Loyola Campus among their friends and younger ones. It is a sign that learning English empowers our students to come forward to get involved in volunteer work.

There is a rapid growth in mutual respect and understanding between the staff and the students. On one hand teachers try hard to give their best to students and on the other hand students prove that they are interested by completing the works given. We are really blessed with equal number of students in both upper intermediate and elementary classes. Our credit goes to the former director and for all those who worked hard to promote the students to come to Loyola Campus.

In the middle of the month Fr Emil Susantha SJ, the new director visited Karisel and visited the parents of the children of the evening class. Though it was a pre-planned visit, the parents were little shocked to receive a priest in their midst. No wonder that his visit might have created a sense of care.

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