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Tirelessly Working Towards Empowering

We have been conducting starter course for the 10 standard students at Dickoya School since October 2017. Our plan was to complete this course in six months. Since the grasp of students was so poor, we were able to complete only 6 lessons so far. Constant breaks and irregularity of the students affect the quality of the programme and the staffs are disappointed with the progress of the programme. There was a very positive response from the students of Abbotsleigh, as they were very much interested in GEL program and they came up with innovative presentations during the class hours.

Since there are a few students who come to Loyola campus, we are able to devote much attention to the individuals. We are delighted to hear them speaking in English in the campus. We have twenty Teacher Training students who attend regular classes in Kotagala. Nowadays teachers are very eager to go through GEL programme.

Our students who have gone through NVQ course from January to April, wrote their final exam on 28th July at Nuwara Eliya. Eighteen students were given special training to face the exams confidently.

Recruitment.jpgFr. Prem, Sr. Sahaya Mary and Mrs. Yogitha have visited six schools and addressed both the students and the parents for the recruitment of next batch.  It is still in progress.

Fr. James SJ from Deraniyagala Parish conducted a session on Justice and Reconciliation from the perspective of people who work in tea estates. We had staff training program by Fr. Alexis Premkumar on collaborative leadership. Staff members shared their views and opinions on collaborative leadership and a few themes emerged for future discussion and presentation. Staff members spend their time on Fridays to improve their writing skills and they come to our center on Saturdays to learn phonetics from sch. Zenith SJ.


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