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Strategizing in Reaching out

During the month of July Fr Richard Pitchchai SJ, the Director of Loyola Campus- Puthukkudiyiruppu has been out of Sri Lanka attending the Ignatian Immersion Programme in Spain for a period of a month. He is expected to be back in Puthukkudiyiruppu by the first week of August. In the absence of Fr Richard SJ, Ms Vathani Balasubramaniam, the English Facilitator has been entrusted the responsibility of looking after the daily functioning of the Centre.

At the moment in Puthukkudiyiruupu there are no adult students for English language classes. There seems to be a clear lack of a strategy in attracting new students and reaching out to villages in and around Puthukkudiyiruppu. While the Centre has concentrated on classes offered at the Centre, a renewed effort is expected to boost the intake of students from the upcoming batches. As there is a big student population in and around Puthukkudiyiruppu scattered in different villages, the Centre is expected to develop a clear strategy in getting these students and motivating them.

While the students in Puthukkudiyiruppu feel the need for English and Computer knowledge which will enhance their future prospects, the Centre has not yet been able to tap into this group of youth. The Cambridge English Language Programme offered by JWL and the Computer programmes offered by Loyola Campus will definitely become a great source of upliftment for these individuals in recreating a better future for themselves and their societies. In the coming weeks, the staff and the Director hopes to reach out to Principals, Parish Priests and other village leaders in widely advertising the courses offered at Loyola Campus.

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