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Low in Numbers but not in Spirit

It would be correct to name the month of July as a silent month. There was a deep sense of silence which was prevailing throughout the campus. The major reason for this was the dwindling number of students. Especially after the last batch which was high in number the present situation is like a big vacuum. Even though the number is less the teachers take maximum efforts to continue the classes in an usual manner. The present situation also reminds us that our focus should be the quality of the individuals who are strengthened through our efforts rather than worrying about the numbers.

Mr Billy and Mr Callum, the Australian volunteers took a month break starting from 22 June until 23 July in order to spend some time with their relatives and friends who visited them from Australia. It was a well deserving holiday for them after all their hard work and constant availability at the campus. During their break they were kind enough to visit the campus with their family and friends. They also had a common interaction with the students which added to the international exposure of the students.

We have been busy with our preparations to commence the next batch. We initiated it by trying to give a new outlook to the campus. We had to place a new iron covering mesh on our well removing the sheets which were on it under the recommendations of the Dengue Prevention unit. We also repainted our walls and planning to make them more attractive before commencing the classes for the new batch. We are also planning to restructure the children’s classes that we conduct within our campus as an outreach programme. Through this we hope that more children will benefit from the opportunity offered to them.

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