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From the Eastern Coast of Trincomalee

Giving a healthy education for every student who comes Loyola Campus is the goal of Loyola Campus- Trincomalee. The Centre strive to progress and help develop the skills of the students. By creating a generation of skillful youth Loyola Campus- Trincomalee hopes to make a change in the society. We strive for progress, not perfection. Our campus is trying harder and harder to achieve this goal.

The students who follow the Cambridge English Language Programme of JWL have sat for the online English Placement Test. While there were a number of disparities in the results that they obtained and the English knowledge of the students, the Centre and Staff have tried to find the best level that suits the students. At the moment all the students are placed in the Elementary class. Progress tests under each unit are conducted and corrections are done regularly.

Mr Luke, the volunteer form Australia left Trincomalee after having completed his term in Sri Lanka. Mr Aiden, the new Australian volunteer has been extremely helpful in conducted the regularly classes. Mr Aiden is involved in teaching at Loyola Campus- Trincomalee and St Joseph’s College Trincomalee. His presence is much appreciated.

Centre for Justice and Change (CJC) an organization established for the promotion of human rights and law in societies have come forward to conduct certificate programmes in basic law, personality development, human resource management, self-evaluation etc. The students of Loyola Campus- Trincomalee are beneficiaries. The classes are conducted on Saturdays. These classes immensely help the students to improve themselves.

Evening classes are running as usual. As the number of students coming for elocution class is more, the teacher who is in charge has decided to divide the students into two batches.

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