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Providing Better Opportunities in Education

The English classes at Loyola Campus- Trincomalee continue with the same pace. Although the numbers have been low compared to the previous batches, both the Facilitators and the students are invested in the subject matter and mastering skills that will make them futures better. The students who follow the GEL programme of JWL have not been divided into separate groups. All of them study together and the Centre hopes to check the need to divide the class depending on the online placement test results and the feedback of the teachers.

The three hours class allocated for a normal day was divided into three sessions so that each teacher gets a chance to improve the skills of the students. Since the Centre has students from different age groups, the students are taught first given a through introduction to basic English. It is hoped that this will help them in following the lesson later on.

A/L English classes are taken by three Facilitator, each concentrating on a different skill. The main areas that the Facilitators concentrate are speaking, reading, writing and listening. Moreover, the A/L English text book also is followed in the class to make the students better prepared for the A/L English exams.

Kids’ classes are conducted in two sessions, providing individual concentration to each child. This has brought more students toward this class. Paper tests, poem reciting, storytelling and etc. are done to provoke the interest of every child.

This month the Centre decided to provide the opportunity for the students who have enrolled for the GEL course of JWL to participate in a certificate program. The programme consists of six sessions on six different days. The first session was conducted on 27 June 2018.  The programme is done under different topics to help the students.

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