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Onward March Towards Empowerment  

Batticaloa 01.jpgLoyola Campus Batticaloa an emerging, newly established academic institution is serving the students in and around Batticaloa disregard of their caste, religion and social status. Every student who comes into the institution is treated and taken care of in a way to help them to mature and blossom in life. The aim of Loyola Campus- Batticaloa is to improve the educational standards of the students in both English and IT. However, it does not forget to improve the students’ quality of life as well and does so by nourishing them with good morals and values.

Loyola Campus-Batticaloa offers classes both in the mornings and evening suiting to the demands of various student groups. English and IT classes are offered at the Centre with flexible time schedules. The students who come to the Centre show great enthusiasm and energy. The manner in which the students participate in classroom work and activities continually encourage the Facilitators to give their best for the students who show such enthusiasm in learning.

Batticaloa 04.jpgThe presence of volunteers Michael and Elena from Australia to Loyola Campus-Batticaloa was one of this month’s highlight. It is for the first time that foreign volunteers have come to Loyola Campus-Batticaloa to teach the students. The students cherished the presence of these new teachers from a foreign country, Australia. Their different style of teaching not only attracted the students but increased the students’ focus on subject content. The volunteers also contributed to St. Michael’s College by giving coaching classes in English Literature for the students. The trip to Unnichchai Dam and Passikudah on the 20 June 2018 was one of the memorable days for the students, staff as well as the volunteers.

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