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Intervention in Art, Dance and Music

IMG_4905.JPGLoyola Campus- Mullaitivu is in search of better avenues of serving the student population of Mullaitivu. The Centre feels that a number of students who are neglected by the current education system and discouraged by a very competitive exam practice, remain the recipients who require the intervention of Loyola Campus most.

At the moment the Centre does not offer the GEL programme of JWL as there were no new registration for the batch May-August 2018. Basic preparations are under way to commence the JWL English programme in September 2018 for the post A/L students.

At the moment the Centre is investing on strengthening its children’s classes conducted. Classes are offered for children in music, dance and art. These three important fields are expected to make a tremendous impact in every child and create a better environment for their future growth and development.

There is more eagerness and interest among the parents in sending their children for the music, dance and art classes. The aim of Loyola Campus- Mullaitivu is not to prepare the students for an exam in these subjects but to enhance their life-skills and competencies that create a humane environment for living.

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