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In Search of the Margins  

Abotsligh school monthly exam.jpgSr. Maiontika who was the part time staff left for India for her tertianship and Sch. Zenith joined the team as a part-time staff on 11thJune. We had both the welcome and farewell Mass on 21 June. Sr. Maiontika was appreciated for her commitment and creativity. She thanked Loyola Campus for the opportunity given to her to reach out to the students at margins. Sch. Zenith explained the staff the purpose of regency during Jesuit formation and requested support to realize his goals.

There is drastic progress in the attendance of the Dickoya GEL programme. Now almost all the students attend the classes. The reason was that the school principal intervened and warned the students that they would be out of school if they do not attend the GEL programme. The number increased from 40 to 80 and managing them in two classes was a huge challenge. After a discussion during the staff meeting, the Centre divided the students into four classes and we have requested one B1 level student to volunteer along with three staff.

Dickoya school conversation.jpgWe conducted the online placement test for the students who follow the GEL programme of JWL on 18 June at the centre. Since the students at teacher training college had gone for teaching practice, we could not conduct for them. There is a huge gap between the results of the online test and the written and oral test we conducted in the beginning of the course.

There is a huge decline in the attendance of the students at the teacher training college. 54 students participated both in written and oral placement test on 14May. But at the end of May, the number decreased to 12.  There were many reasons for the decline. The Centre hopes to strategize its involvement at the Teacher Training School in order to provide better opportunities for the teachers in training.




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