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From the Island of Mannar

IMG_4902.JPGThe month of June was a special month for Loyola Campus for a number of reasons. First, the academic activities planned for the month continued without any disruption. The Centre also welcomed Rev Emil Susantha SJ, the newly appointed Director of Loyola Campus- Mannar. Although he will officially take-over the operation of the Centre from 12 July 2018, he paid a quick visit to the Centre and met the students and the staff.

The academic programme at Loyola Campus- Mannar continued with energy and enthusiasm. The two batches of English Language students have progressed their skills and competencies through a number of activities that were provided during the month. The Diploma in English progressed towards the last couple of months. At the moment the Diploma in English students are mastering their skills in English literature and Academic Writing, both of which are tremendously useful areas for their future engagements. Although the students found the modules on English Literature and Academic Writing a bit challenging, they are gradually learning the expected skill-sets. The Elementary English students have increased their proficiency level in speaking and writing. There have been a number of activities aimed at improving their abilities in both these areas.

IMG_4911.JPGIn the midst of intense academic work, the students are provided a break from the routine class schedules through a number of subject related activities such as group work and discussions, movie screenings and appreciations and evaluation activities of their competencies. Through these varied activities the Centre hopes to keep the students engaged and interested in the learning process.

The evening children’s classes continued throughout the month. The students from Grades 1,2,3 and 4 attend regular classes from 3.15 to 5.15 pm. Five students who follow the Diploma in English have been absorbed as temporary teachers to conduct the evening children’s classes. At the moment three subjects are taught for those students who attend these classes: English, Maths and Tamil. In future, the Centre hopes to encourage more and more students to attend the classes.

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