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As We Walk Along

The month of June brought about many changes both within the Campus and within the mindsets of the students. The month began with ‘World Environment Day’ in which students partook in small activities and watched numerous short videos and speeches concerning the wellbeing of the earth. This day was not only beneficial in enhancing the students’ ability to speak publically in English but also in the development of their understanding of the growing environmental issues in our world. As a result of this day, students came up with numerous plans to encourage sustainability within the Loyola Campus including; disposing and separating garbage, using less plastic and planting more trees. The day also included the planting of a tree within the campus symbolic of the progress of the students’ environmental maturity.

This month also brought about more changes within the staff of our Loyola Campus with our longest tenured staff member, Dina Nirushana, leaving to Peradeniya National College of Education. Her commitment and work within the campus has been greatly appreciated and she has made a huge impression in the lives of all of her students not only through her ability to teach English but also through her generous nature. She will be missed deeply within this community and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours. The departure of Dina Nirushana also came with the recruitment of a new staff member, Thigashan, who will be taking both Elementary and Pre-Intermediate classes.  Bro. Francis S.J also said goodbye to the campus in order to pursue his higher studies. During his short tenure at the campus, he helped us immensely for the campus maintenance also conducted spoken Sinhala classes.

The GEL classes are being conducted for A2, B1 and B2 level students in spite of the low number of students. The less number of students in a way has given us a chance give individual attention for each and every student. We also have ample time to conduct various class room activities to develop the practical English skills of the students.

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