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An Exciting Month in Batticaloa

Loyola Campus Batticaloa has been a source of inspiration for students in Batticaloa and has a remarkable respect among other private educational institutes. The institution has formed a number of students who are now capable of being good citizens with responsibility and accountability. Having understood the importance of education, especially in English and computer skills, this institution is so enthusiastic in providing the necessary knowledge to the students who are learning here.

IMG_8430.jpgAs this institution is functioning with the motive of improving the educational standards of students in both English and IT, it has also encountered many challenges. The assurance of being a good educational institute is given by the dedicated staff at Loyola Campus Batticaloa. The institution needs to be flexible with regard to the timing of classes as different students have commitments. However, the students don’t lack their usual interest and enjoy attending classes.

The centre was busy with evening and morning classes as usual. A volunteer, Xavier from Australia joined Loyola Campus Batticaloa in the month of July and his presence is one of the highlighted occurrences of the month. The students were so happy to learn from Xavier due to his dedication and enthusiasm. This is the second time that a volunteer has visited Batticaloa Loyola campus.

Regular staff meetings for the month of July focused on the staffs and students. A meeting with the students who had followed the courses was held on 14 July 2018. Almost all the students attended the meeting. Overall, July has been a very productive and enjoyable month for the staff and students of Loyola Campus in Batticaloa.

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