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A Better Childhood Through Music, Dance and Art

IMG_5152.JPGFr George Tokes SJ, the Director of Loyola Campus- Mullaitivu has taken a number of initiatives in encouraging the students and children to attend the music, dance and art classes conducted at the Centre. There is a good demand for these classes and the parents are quite interested in sending their students. In order to encourage the students in acquiring these skills, the students form dance class was invited to perform on the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola, 31 July for the Jesuits who are working in the Northern Mission. The students performed two dance programmes. Jesuits and the parents who were invited for the occasion enjoyed and appreciated the performance of the students.

IMG_5169.JPGFr George Tokes SJ hopes to visit a number of schools in and around Mullaitivu in spreading the news about the new intake in September 2018. The Centre needs a effective strategy in getting more students and winning the confidence of parents. This will definitely lead towards an increase of student numbers. As the Centre develops English and Computer teachers will have to be recruited. Finding qualified and competent teachers who are committed in serving the students remain a challenge for the Centre. At the moment the Centre is in look out for qualified teachers who can be a part of the academic programme of the Centre from September 2018.

The Centre hopes to have a good batch of students for the next intake that will stabilize the academic programme offered at the Centre in collaboration of JWL. The Cambridge English Programme of JWL will definitely assist the students in Mullaitivu and help to bring out the best in them.

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