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The Spirit Moves us Forward- May 2018

The month of May began with the Teacher Training programme organized by the Country Office in Kandy from 4-7 May 2018. The training was held at Fatima Retreat House (A Jesuit Retreat House) in Kandy. The three-day programme provided the staff a good opportunity to come to know about Loyola Campus operations better and to learn a number of new skills.  It was also an occasion to come to know different people from various Loyola Campuses in Sri Lanka.

0M9A0052.JPGThe Computer Application Assistant students who completed their practical exams in April, had their theory exams in May. Every student attempted to perform well during the exam and mark the level of their proficiency. The old library of the Centre is renovated and filled with a number of new books. It serves as a source for students to acquire new knowledge and skills. This was a much felt need of the Centre.

Around eighteen students enrolled for the A/L General English classes arranged at the Centre. This is a new initiative of Loyola Campus- Trincomalee. Since many of the students are weak in their skill in writing, two days of classes are devoted to train them in better writing skills in English. Other than writing, this particular class concentrates on making the students comprehend the A/L General English text book.

0M9A0066.JPGThe student intake for the period May-August is low for the Centre. However, at the moment the Centre has one class who follow the GEL programme of JWL. The applications are welcomed until the Centre conducts placement tests.

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