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In Becoming an Transformative Education Institute- May 2018

Loyola campus Batticaloa has become a prominent academic institution in Batticaloa. The campus has been serving basic academic needs of students by providing them with English and IT classes. The students, who come to the campus, are able to realize their improvement in studies as well as in their way of life. The students have developed a sense of bonding at the campus and a desire to contribute to the institution according to their capacity. The campus also takes a number of initiatives to serve the poor students who can’t afford to pay their tuition fees.

There were a number of programmes which kept the staff occupied. Staff of Batticaloa was part of the Staff Training programme organised by the Country Office from 4-7 May. Four staff from Batticaloa participated. It was quite helpful in orienting the staff and sharing ideas across different Loyola Campuses in Sri Lanka. It not only provided a space to share ideas, learn new skills but also to become companions of a single mission of bringing better tertiary and higher education opportunities to the students.

The month started with planning for the new batch. It was an important and productive exercise. This gave a good orientation for the months to come. A meeting with the past students, some of the parents and teachers also provided an opportunity to evaluate and explore new avenues of engagement for the Loyola Campus- Batticaloa. The campus also hopes to begin classes to be offered to students in music and dance from June.

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