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From the Hills- May 2018

A number of programmes have kept the staff and students busy at Loyola Campus- Hatton. It has been a month for a number of new initiatives and programmes. It has indeed, brought new life and a lot of hope for the Centre.

Loyola Campus- Hattonbegan the Global English Language (GEL) programme of JWL at the Teacher Training College (TTC) in Kotagala on 15 May. The placement test was conducted the same day. There were about 54 teachers who took part in both the oral and written placement test. Placement test indicated that most of them were in Pre-Intermediate level with a few exceptions and so we decided to follow B1 English Unlimited Book. The classes at the Training College is for four days a week from Monday to Thursday for one hour each day. This initiative od training the teachers in English is expected to bring so much good for the students in and around Hatton.

DSC_7033.JPGTertiary Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) has introduced a new rule for the final exam of the computer students. All the students who pass in the entrance exam are eligible for the final exam. There were no entrance exams in the past. Entrance exam fee is Rs. 500. Though forty students were registered for the final exam with TVEC, only eleven students have given their name for the entrance exam. Since students had completed their studies in April, many students do not show interest in taking part the entrance exam.

Staff of Hatton had a one-day tour to Trincomalee. The Centre is grateful to the Jesuit community for the accommodation and Fr. Aniston for his hospitality.


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