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Endings and New Beginnings- May 2018

May has been a month of endings and new beginnings. It is indeed, a month full of different experiences for the staff and the students. At the beginning of May, the staff attened a Teacher Training programme organised by the Country Office in Kandy. The training was for three days. Connecting with staff from all over the country allowed ideas and experiences to be shared between the staff, while also increasing the strength of relationships.

Vavuniya 02.JPGLoyola Campus bid farewell to Fr M Eliaz SJ, the outgoing Director of Loyola Campus- Vavuniya. Fr M Eliaz SJ has been a part of Loyola Campus- Vavuniya for the period of nearly one year. He has contributed towards the development of the Centre through his years of experience and knowledge in the education field. The staff and the students too showed their love and appreciation to Fr. Elias during a farewell function organised on 10 May.

Vavuniya 03.JPGThe new term started on 14 May 2018. They are a number of old students who have returned wanting to follow English course. There are also a number of new students who are eager to improve their skills in a number of areas. The Centre will offer Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Upper Intermediate classes on English as well as Computer classes and classes for children.

The month also marks the tenure of Fr Dilan Perera SJ, as the Director of Loyola Campus- Vavuniya. Fr Dilan conducted the orientation for the new batch on 21 May 2018. During the orientation a number of important areas were highlighted for the benefit of the new students.Vavuniya 04.JPG


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