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With the Youth- April 2018

Life is lived not in time but in each moment that we are alive. This idea is quite true when we think about the moments that the Centre had been a part of journey of the students who are completing their courses in April 2018. A number of activities were planned towards the end of completing the course

Trinco- Life Skill Training 1.jpgAbraham Jesus, known to the Staff and students of Trincomalee as AJ completed his term as a volunteer staff and returned back to the USA. He was part of Loyola Campus- Trincomalee from January 2018. The staff arranged a function to express gratitude for his contribution and service in Trincomalee.

The students who follow the course Computer Application Assistant has acquired the necessary skills related to the areas of study to the satisfaction of the Centre. They have completed their project as well as the practical works demanded during the course.

A personality development workshop was conducted by CPPHR for the benefit of Loyola Campus- Trincomalee students on the theme of ‘Goal Setting’. During the session each student was given a task to complete. Moreover, a number of other activities like group tasks, and a presentation based on leadership development was a part of the programme.

The third week of April was fully dedicated for the revision and preparation of the final exams. The students eagerly awaited the exams which were conducted during the final week of April. All the students confidently faced the exam both written and oral. A student tour to Kandy was organized on 27 April 2018. The students visited the dam, botanical garden and several other important and famous places in Kandy. This was the 1sttour of Loyola Campus and all the students and staff enjoyed the day.

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