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Rooted in the Shared Experiences- May 2018

It is a beginning of another term for the professional courses in English and Computer. Despite the low intake of students during this period, the Centre and staff have taken a number of initiatives in making known the commencement of these courses at the Centre.

IMG_4655.JPGThe classes for the new term began on 9 May 2018. At the moment there are two batches of students following courses. There are thirteen students who follow the Diploma in English. At the moment they are following a number of modules in their Diploma: Upper Intermediate level of GEL programmes and modules on Introduction to English Literature and English. A number of other assignments such as movie reviews, practice on public speaking are also part of the course during this term. There are also twelve students who follow the Elementary level of the GEL programme of JWL. They are quite eager to master the English language and increase their level of proficiency.

IMG_4675.JPGLoyola Campus- Mannar has expanded its outreach by offering classes for children located in a number of deserving villages away from Mannar town. For the moment Thottavelli and Karisel has been identified as two target villages where the need for assisting children is felt due to a number of reasons. Loyola Campus- Mannar offers classes on English, Maths and Tamil for the children from grade 1-4. There is lot of enthusiasm and eagerness in parents sending their children for classes. The Centre has also arranged a special transportation service to bring children from these two villages and drop them back after classes. Once the programmes is more stable, Loyola Campus hopes extend its services to other villages in need.

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