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An Eventful Month- April 2018

IMG_3543.JPGIt is definitely a joy to see the students who had been a part of Loyola Campus- Mannar from January to April completing their course and the visible improvement in their academic performance and personality development. Loyola Campus- Mannar has been motivated offer its students more than just knowledge which is of course useful but not sufficient in accompanying the young.

The certificate awarding ceremony for the students who have completed their courses during September to December 2017 was help on 21 April 2018 at Loyola Campus- Mannar Hall. Most Rev Dr Emmanuel Fernando, the Bishop of Mannar was the Chief Guest of the Ceremony. Students, parents, religious, priests and well-wishers took part in the graduation function. The students presented a number of programmes such as a skit, song, speech, poem recitation etc. The entire graduation programme was conducted by the students. The guests and parents appreciated the quality and the content of the programmes presented. The Bishop of Mannar was highly taken up by the fluency of students in English language.

IMG_4187.JPGStudents who are belonging to January-April 18 batch had their tour on 23 April 2018. The students visited Sigiriya and Mihintale. It was a time to enjoy the companionship and together share with one another the joys and the richness of oneself. The tour marked the end of the academic programme.

The exams were conducted from 25-28 April 2018 in different batches. The students who followed courses on English and Computer had written, practical and oral exams scheduled during this period. Exams for the JWL GEL programme and other Loyola Campus exams are specifically designed to measure the level of skill acquisition of students and not how much they could memorize in a given time. This has given the students a fair chance of performing well during the exams.

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