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News from Mannar- November 2017

IMG_6193.JPGThe months October and November have been two important months for Loyola Campus- Mannar for a number of reasons. There are positive signs of the improvement of the batch of students who joined in September 2017. There is eagerness and desire to sharpen their abilities. Moreover, the teachers have witnessed a progress in students. The students have not only shown academic progress but also have shown maturity and readiness for leadership and new initiatives. This is an encouraging development that has been observed. While the students took some time to adjust to the academic demands and the environment of Loyola Campus- Mannar, now they apply themselves quiet diligently in acquiring the skills.

The Loyola Campus- Mannar expects to keep the students engaged during the entire period of their course as the students follow a number of courses with varying durations. It is important that the Centre along with its teachers keep the energy level of the students high so that the students will go through their learning process with enthusiasm.

As it was mentioned earlier the level of improvement of students and their engagement with learning has been positive throughout the last two months. This has been due to the effort of the teachers in taking their teaching methodologies beyond the traditional realm and attempting to incorporate strategies to keep the students engaged. The second strategy that the Centre used was to introduce something engaging and new for the students regularly. One such effort was the attempt in organizing QUEST 2017, the English Day of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka. Loyola Campus- Mannar took the lead in organizing QUEST 2017. The event itself and the process of organizing provided so much of opportunities for the students and the facilitators to express themselves creatively. First it was a challenge and definitely all had to put in extra hours in getting event organized. However, the cooperation received form the facilitators and the students has been very positive. The students were not only enthusiastic about participating in QUEST 2017 as competitors but shouldered some responsibility in making the event a successful one. The event was also a good opportunity for Loyola Campus- Mannar to publicise itself among the schools in and around Mannar. The students and the judges who were a part of the event will carry forward news about the new initiative and the type of learning offered at Loyola Campus.

There is lots of enthusiasm among the students to continue their studies with Loyola Campus- Mannar. The Institute feels that to be a positive sign in establishing the educational services offered by Loyola Campus in and around Mannar. A number of students have shown their interest in following the Diploma in English and the Diploma in Liberal Arts. Having the students for a longer duration of time provides the Institute a better possibility in incorporating its vision of education, empowerment and transformation to be realized.