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News from Mannar- February 2018

img_2586.jpgThe second month into the academic pro-gramme started in January 2018, the students who are pursuing their studies in English language and computer studies are progressing with satisfaction. Continual assistance and input from the facilitators, who most often guide the students not being limited to the syllabus and the course content has provided a great opportunity for the students to ac-quire new skills and grow as better human beings. 

Fr Joel Kunanayagam, SJ, conducted a half-day life-skill training programme for the students of Loyola Campus under the theme of ‘Choices’. It helped the students to deeply reflect on the choices that they make in life. 

Many of the post ordinary level students who had to attend school for practical sessions were given alternative times to join the clas-ses. Despite a number of strategies and the effort of the facilitators, the attendance dur-ing the first two weeks of February has been quite week. Since, the end of the practical session by the third week of February, the students have got back to their regular class schedules. 

img_2593.jpgAs the students progress through the modules, a number of review activities and evalu-ations were conducted to help the students to progress in areas that they are weak. 

The highlight of the month was the visit of Fr Arturo Sosa, SJ, and the team of Jesuit Provincials of South Asia. The Jesuit Provincials visited Loyola Campus– Mannar on 22 Febru-ary. The students welcomed the guests with a short cultural programme which was followed by lunch. On the 23 February, the English Diploma students along with the facilita-tors traveled to Trincomalee to be part of the programme organised for Fr Arturo Sosa, SJ in Trincomalee. The students performed a mime which was appreciated. 


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