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Enthusiasm and Energy of Youthfulness- March 2018

IMG_3413.JPGThe Centre remain alive with enthusiasm of students throughout the day and it creates a healthy momentum. Having around 100 students who regularly come to the Centre for classes in English and Computer, there is a tremendous spirit of life and young energy. This energy pushes the Centre and the staff to dedicate their time and energy in creating effective strategies to engage with the students who come to the Centre.

The month has been important one for a number of reasons. First and foremost, after the end of practical exams of the post O/L students by the end of February, the students are more settled for the last two months of their studies at Loyola Campus. There was also a major reshuffle of classes in a particular batch taking into consideration of their performance and the improvement.

IMG_3419.JPGOn 1 March the students and the facilitators bid farewell to Sr Britta Müller-Schauenburg from the Congregation of Jesus, Germany. She was part of Loyola Campus- Mannar for a period of two months and had rendered a dedicated service in educating the students and guiding them.

The Students completed the online Cambridge English Placement Tests. This is part of the Global English Programme offered by JWL. The continual support and assistance form JWL has made the experience of the students who follow GEL programme a success.

A team of inspectors form the Tertiary Vocational Education Commission visited Loyola Campus- Mannar for the evaluation of the application submitted for registration of the Centre and the ability to offer courses in English (Diploma and Certificate) and Computer. The Centre hopes to receive the official registration by April 2018.


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