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A Sense of Joy- January 2018

IMG_2257.JPGAfter the Christmas holidays, Loyola Campus- Mannar commenced for the New Year on 3 January 2018. Due to a number of considerations and the betterment of the students, the Centre decided to extend the duration of September-December 2017 batch for a period of another three weeks. Although the exams for the students were scheduled during the first week of January 2018, the exams were conducted only during the last week of January. It provided the students more opportunity to equip themselves in skills and competencies.

As planned the new batch of students commenced from 3 January 2018. Solomon Raj SJ conducted a half-day orientation programme for the new batch of students on 14 January 2018. The session included an input and a number of activities and games to make the students feel more comfortable and at ease with the new learning environment. Having conducted the placement test, the students were divided into two levels of the Cambridge Unlimited Syllabus: Elementary and Pre-Intermediate. The Diploma in English offered by Loyola Campus- Mannar also continues. The Diploma students have progressed to the intermediate level in Cambridge Unlimited English.

IMG_2283.JPGLoyola Campus- Mannar warmly welcomed Sr Britta Müller-Schauenburg belonging to the Congregation of Jesus. She is from Germany and she is in Sri Lanka as part of an exposure programme among the Loyola Campus- JWL students in Mannar. She has brought variety and year of teaching experience at Universities. She is expected to be in Mannar till the 3 March 2018.

The Centre hopes to provide the best quality education for the students and an educative experience that can transform their lives. In this regard one of the major challenges the Centre faces is the irregularity of the students who are yet to complete their GCE Ordinary Level practical exams. Since the exams are schedule during 21-24 February, the Centre has taken a number of measures to accommodate the students and provide opportunities to continue the course. The facilitators also have taken extra effort in providing the students classes at alternative timings to cover what they have missed.

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