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A Season of Hope- December 2017

IMG_1676.JPGThe monsoons in Mannar has brought lots of hope and aspiration for the people. Farmers toil hard in plowing and sowing paddy. Looking at the fields covered with paddy and ponds filled with flowers and birds, refreshes mind and relaxes the body. It is definitely a quite interesting journey to move through different seasons in Mannar that presents a new reality of experiences. Loyola Campus- Mannar too has journey through different experiences during the last four months since September 2017 batch commenced. It has indeed been a quite an enriching journey for the facilitators, staff, the Institute and the students.

The month of December was dedicated for a number of academic tasks. The facilitators provided students with several practical sessions where they had the opportunity to practice the skills they had learnt in the classroom. As Loyola Campus emphasis, the need to accumulate skill and competencies and not just passing exams and obtaining ranks, this type of exercises aided students greatly. The improvement of students in their academic performance and growth towards holistic living and experience has encourage the Centre to continue to be a part of the lives of students and help them to grow and blossom.

IMG_1687.JPGNormal calluses continued till 22 December. It was the last day for the year. The course end exams for the students will be conducted on 12 – 14 January 2018. The facilitators are currently preparing the students for the exams and the course end evaluation. One of the biggest challenges the facilitators face is the irregularity of some students. Despite continuous feedback and encouragement, some students fall behind the expectations of the Centre. A number of areas like this has given lot of space for the Centre to improve and come up with effective strategies.

Currently Loyola Campus- Mannar is preparing for the commencement of the new batch from 8 January 2018. There is lots of enthusiasm among the parents, teachers and the students of Mannar in being a part of the learning process at Loyola Campus. The Centre also hopes to expand the children’s’ programme and attract more students. A number of activities are planned for the upcoming months and the Centre awaits the arrival of a number of new staff who will part of the Centre for short and long time basis.

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