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Towards Uplifting the People- March 2018

parents-meet-2.jpgWomen’s day at Hatton started with the video clippings of Ms Michelle Obama’s address during the international women’s day in 2012 and the message of the UN Secretary General on the international women’s day in 2018. The elementary class female students shared their thoughts on what the international women’s day personally meant to them. And the male students took an oath that they would respect women and support the cause of women along with their female colleagues. Sr. Maiontika, FMM sister who is teaching English to the students as a temporary staff coached a skit on women issues. Other staff trained a few other students to prepare a programme for women’s day celebration on 8th.

Loyola Campus- Hatton organised a parents’ meeting which was attended by around 50 parents. Ms Sindhuja, the English Facilitator moderated the meeting. The students arranged the programme. All the students performed on stage in English. Fr. Premkumar shared the aim, activities and the history of Loyola Campus and CSC with the parents through a powerpoint presentation. Ms. Yogitha, the administrator of the Centre for Social Concern facilitated the interaction of the parents. Some of the parents expressed their joy about the work of Loyola Campus.

The staff felt the need to have regular training to enhance their capacity in teaching. Three English Facilitators had the training on 15 March 2018. Each Facilitator presented one lesson from the text book and others gave feedback. It was more of mutual learning.

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