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Skills for Life- February 2018

IMG_9909.JPGThe month of February was packed with a number of activities at the Centre which kept the students and the facilitators engaged. One-day Life Skills training was conducted on 31January 2018. The training programme was designed to facilitate the students to better understand themselves and their surroundings. The concept of self-awareness, which is one of the fundamental ones in anyone’s life was discussed and reflected. The trainer engaged the trainees actively in exercises and group sessions which kept them fully involved.

Taking into consideration the weak reading ability among the students, the Centre commenced loud reading sessions for students in the mornings before the classes commence. Weekly Story Writing is another activity the Centre has introduced with the objective of improving the writing skills of students.

IMG_9951.JPGThe students took the online Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) on 15Feburuary as planned and it was done in different batches.  Being the first time, the facilitators found it rather difficult to administer the test.

Loyola Campus- Vavuniya is happy to welcome Callum and Billy, the two volunteers from Australia who arrived at Loyola Campus on 13February 2018. Their presence among the students will add much value and enable the students to better improve their conversation skills in English language.

Loyola Campus was privileged to receive Fr General and his team along with the members of JCSA on 22 February. On the following day morning, there was a Eucharistic celebration at St Antony’s Parish Church along with the religious and Priests from the neighborhood. The following day, the students travelled to Trincomalee to be a part of the event where Vavuniya students performed a song.

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