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In Search for More- December 2017


December 2017 not only is the last month of the calendar year, but also the last month of the current batch of students. The academic activities came to a halt with the last exam on 22December 2017. However, for both the staff and the students it was a busy month filled with several activities. Just before the month started on 28November the students submitted their assignments which was part of an exercise in writing skill.

On the first day of December, the students were assigned with topics for PPT Presentation. The choice of the topics aimed at making the students to have an overall awareness of the nation and the northern part of Sri Lanka which is the region where the students come to Loyola Campus Vavuniya. In view of making the students to have service experience, a schedule was prepared which was implemented during 4 – 14 December. Through this schedule, upper grade students took classes for the lower grade students. Some students had experience of teaching English to children in the evenings on campus. Some were working in the library, arranging books and cleaning the library.

Students were taken to Trincomalee for a trip on 17December. Though it was a Sunday, most of the students participated enthusiastically. It was a being together and enjoying the day which left them with pleasant memories.


The students of Computer Application Assistant (CAA) had their practical exam during 12 – 14 Dec. and the three-hour theory was on 22ndDec as per the questions sent by the Country Office (CO). The GEL exams for the students of different levels was conducted on 22 December as planned earlier. The question papers were sent by the Country Office and it was conducted as per the guidelines given by the Country Office. The students were fully prepared to face the exams with preparations and they were clearly explained about the mode of the exam.

Loyola Campus Vavuniya had the Christmas celebration on 20thDec evening in which the children of the Campus and the co-workers joined. Students prepared a variety of programmes which lasted for 90 minutes. Teachers and the co-workers were presented with gifts in appreciation of their service to the student learners in the campus. All enjoyed the refreshments at the end of the celebration. It was very spontaneous and earlier the students decorated the Halls with balloons, Christmas Tree and Crib.

Staff meetings were conducted twice, one on 6thDec and the other on 20th. The different activities of the Campus were discussed and appropriate decisions taken. The meetings paid much attention to the conduct of the exam and the guidelines given by the CO, for it was the first experience for us and we wanted to fully adhere to the instructions and fulfil the expectations of the CO. In the second meeting, arrangements during the break days were planned so that the campus will have a person always present for any enquiry about the programme of the campus.


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