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From the Hills- February 2018

IMG_20180306_095958.jpgSr. Clare, an ICM sister from India known for her expertise on street play, playback theatre, stress management, flower theropy and theatre of the oppressed spent three days with our students from 26thto 28thof February and gave a workshop. She motivated the students to develop their personality through various theatric skills. The exercises given to the students helped them to come out of fear, explore their creativity and discipline their behavior

Loyola Campus Hatton is blessed with 197 students in three locations. At Loyola Campus Hatton there are around 132 students: 44 for starter English course, 26 for elementary and 62 for Computer Application Assistant course. The Centre also gives English Starter course at two government high schools: there are 35 students at Dickoya TMV (Tamil Maha Vidyalaya) and 30 at Abotsligh TMV.

The Centre has 62 students doing their Computer Application Course in three batches. Till recently, the students of Loyola Campus Hatton had only 8 laptops and 7 desktops. A few students in each batch could not have access to the computers due to lack of sufficient computers. However, the Centre hopes to expand the infrastructure in order to offer best possible service to the students.

At the end of two months an evaluation of teachers and thee academic programme of the Centre was conducted on 27 February. It was quite helpful in obtaining a first-hand experience on the performance of the Centre from the students.

The facilitators along with the students went to Sri Pada for a picnic on 16 February. More than 55 students, four staff and 4 FMM sisters took part. The path was so crowded that it took 6 hours to reach the top. They were thrilled to see the sunrise and the beauty of the nature from the hill top.

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