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From Hatton- January 2018


Loyola Campus Hatton started the New Year 2018 with enthusiasm and hope. The campus is full of boys and girls mostly those who have just completed their GCE Ordinary Level exam. They bring a lot of joy and desire in learning English and computer skills. More than 60 boys and girls have enrolled for the courses at the moment. They remain faithful to the classes and the timetable.

Unlike the previous batch most of the students who have enrolled in January 2018 come from the tea estates. The Centre’s efforts in visiting estate schools and parishes for recruitment have yielded good results. The placement test for the new batch was conducted on 8 January. To our surprise there were already 30 students who sat for the placement test on the first day itself. Gradually more students started coming.

The inauguration of Loyola Campus- JWL English classes at Abotsligh School was held on 22 January. The classes will be conducted for Grade 9 students. Around 60 students along with their English teachers participated during the inauguration. Grade 9 students had their placement test on the same day. Later they were divided into two classes. The classes at this school will be for two hours a day and three days a week.

Five diocesan priests from Tamil Nadu, India visited Loyola Campus Hatton on 24January. Their visit was primarily for a feasibility study of assisting the war affected Tamils. The director requested them to address the students. They motivated the students in acquiring important skills that can bring their better economic and life opportunities.

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