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Another Beginning- January 2018

IMG_9093.JPGDuring the first week of January, Loyola Campus was busy with preparations for the admission of new batch, which was scheduled to commence on 8 January 2018. The placement test for the students who enrolled were conducted on 8 January. Approximately 40 students attended the placement test on 8 January. The final list of students indicating the level they were placed was displayed soon after. Normal classes began from 9 January 2018. The students who enrolled late face the placement exams separately.

Earlier the teachers had shifted the library to the hall in the upstairs with the help of past students to facilitate better use. The staff felt that the students of the previous batch did not use this learning resource sufficiently.  We have also made arrangements to display the newspapers in the same hall for easy access for students.


IMG_9119.JPGPrior to the commencement of the classes the staff had an extensive discussion on the procedure during the upcoming enrollment of the students. The meeting that lasted for almost two hours helped the staff clarify certain important areas of enrollment and placement process. Another follow-up meeting was held during the third week of January.

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