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Fr Peter Ballais SJ’s Visit

Rev Fr Peter Ballais SJ, the Executive President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL), and Mr Armado Borja, Director for JWL Internal Operations visited Sri Lanka during 17-18 October 2017. The visit was a part of an annual visit of JWL in assessing the progress of the Learning Centres in Sri Lanka and planning ahead for the future. The Director of Loyola Campuses briefed Fr Peter Ballais SJ on the developments form different Centres and the desire of students for education. A number of important decisions were made during the meeting. Fr Peter Ballais SJ accepted to academically support the new learning Centres proposed by Rev Fr Milroy Fernando SJ, the Country Director of Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka. Fr Peter Ballais SJ and Mr Armando Borja also briefed the team of Directors from Loyola Campus about the new courses that would be offered by JWL: Diploma in Humanities (Regis University) and English Teacher Training Programme (Creighton University).


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