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Danusha Shanthakumar

Wordpress_DanushaSanthakumarI am Danusha. I live in Vavuniya. I am 20 years old. I have two sisters and my elder sister got married and another sister is working in Wattala, Colombo. My father’s name Santhakumar. He is a driver. My mother Santhy is a house wife. I have completed my A/L at Vavuniya Rambaikulam Girls Maha Vidhyalayam . My hobbies are reading books and gardening. I can speak Tamil, a little bit of English, a little bit of Sinhala and Sign language. I’m interested in music and reading newspapers. I always keep my house clean and perfect. I’m focusing on my goals and learning foreign languages.

After A/L I have started studying English at Loyola campus from 2016 January to April. It has helped me to improve my English language. Now I’m following intermediate English course and I would like to continue upper intermediate after finishing my intermediate course. I love my English class, because it’s very interesting.

Currently I’m teaching children between the age group 4 to 13 at Loyola Campus. Teaching gives good experiences, especially while teaching children. Some times it’s difficult but mostly it is enjoyable. The children are in different stages.  I love to spend time with them.


  1. Aagash says:

    Good luck to improve your knowledge .,,,,,,,

  2. Buddhika says:

    Hi patta

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