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My School Life

trinco-web.jpgMy name is E. Thaniya. I studied at St. Mary’s college Trincomalee. I started my school life in 2003. I was sent to section “A”. My class teacher was Mrs. Nanthini.  She was my class teacher till grade 5. I and my friends were together till we finished our primary classes. In these five years we learnt Tamil pronunciation. I’m proud to say that I am a student of Nanthini Teacher.

My second school life started with grade 6. This time I was little nerves because we were the junior batch in our school and our seniors began to rule us. Mrs. Jegathasan was our class teacher at that time. I joint our school sports team in grade nine. I excelled in net ball and athletics.

In 2015 I joined advanced level in same school choosing to go in the line of commerce. From 2015 to 2016 I was a prefect and sports captain. During this I learnt more about hard work, manners and etc. We helped our principal and teachers. In my thirteen years of school life I loved advance level studies.

I love my school, my teachers, and principal. I miss my school days very much and I’ll never get it back. My unforgettable memories are from my school. I’m proud to say that I’m a ‘MARIAN’ and I’ll always be a Marian.

E. Thaniya

Student- English (Pre-Intermediate)

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