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Loyola Campus in Trincomalee

Loyola Campus- Trincomalee was formally inaugurated on 9 October 2017. Rev Fr Dexter Gray SJ, the Provincial Superior of Sri Lanka Jesuit Province was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Rev Frs Anton Pieris SJ, Milroy Fernando SJ and Tony Sj were Guests of Honour. The Jesuit Academy- Trincomalee is rebranded as Loyola Campus and it gives a global and national outlook for the Academy which will provide a different perspective for students.

Now the students have the opportunity to be part of JWL Global English Programme and improve their English language skills under the guidance and supervision of a team of experienced and qualified teachers.

The pedagogy followed at Loyola Campus- Trincomalee is student centered. Providing the students ample opportunity to practice a number of skills and moreover, inculcate values that will make them more humane is at the heart of Loyola Campus involvement with the students.

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