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Inauguration of Loyola Campus- Hatton

Loyola Campus- Hatton organized the inauguration of its first batch of students on 10 October 2017. Mr Sridharan, the Zonal Director for Education- Hatton was the Chief Guest and Rev Fr Milroy Fernando SJ was the Guest of Honour. The students of Loyola Campus- Hatton performed a number of entertainment programmes such as dance, drama, song etc. The guests and the well-wishers appreciated the amount of talent showcased by students.

One of the specialities of this programme was that students were able to conduct and perform different programmes in English language. While they showed their potential to improve and develop, moreover, there is marked progress since their joining the professional programmes at Loyola Campus. This was something very much visible during the programme.

It was also the day for the launch of a new initiative under Loyola Campus- Hatton where the Centre hopes to educate students of two deserving estate schools as a part of its outreach programme.

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