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A New Journey with Loyola Campus

mg_0893-1-trinco-fb.jpg“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” –Toni Morrison

In the life of human beings writing is one of the processes of keeping records, making history, and developing our language skills, etc.

Though I have little experience of teaching English in an educational institution, I was so eager to be a part of Loyola Campus team in Trincomalee. It gave me entirely a novel experience when I started my work at Loyola Campus. The methodology followed at Loyola Campus is so different from other institutions. At Loyola Campus teaching is so much centered on students with accompaniment, discipline and leadership motivation. I found this to be unique.

Both joys and sorrows are a part of us and we define which one we will experience in our life. Teaching is a joyful experience. When we teach, every teacher attempts to make the world of their students more joyful and brighter. It is indeed the privilege of a teacher to accompany and guide others. Moreover, true happiness is making others happy. This is so much true for a teacher who is a part of his/her student’s life.

I am happy that I was part of the process of initiating Loyola Campus in Trincomalee and getting the place ready for the JWL Global English classes from September 2017. Although I am not a teacher professionally trained or a teacher with prior experience of teaching in any government school, I have a passion to make a difference in the lives of young people who come into contact with the Centre in Trincomalee. I have learnt a lot from Loyola Campus and I have got myself adopted to the expectations, values and methodologies of the institute. It is a joy to see the students filled classrooms at Trincomalee and the Campus filled with their enthusiasm and energy.

Since I have some prior teaching experience in some other institutions, sometimes compare those places with Loyola Campus. In my experience, Loyola Campus is one of the best places where students receive education that is not just limited to books and a syllabus. I have experienced how students excel in different skills and inculcating different values for their lives. The moto of the Loyola Campus EDUCATE,EMPOWER, TRANSFORM tells all of us that there is always a transformation and empowerment through education.

S Dikshan

English facilitator

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