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Loyola Campus Reach out to the Students in Hatton

CSC 7CSc 4

Loyola Campus- Hatton was first launched in July 2017. Loyola Campus uses part of the existing structure of Centre for Social Concern (CSC) Hatton. Centre for Social Concern is a Non-Government Development Organization (NGDO), run by the Jesuit Province of Sri Lanka. It is located in the town of Hatton, the capital of Sri Lanka’s tea plantation sector, Nuwara Eliya.

Education has been identified as one of the most fundamental elements of empowering the plantation community and making their voices heard. In a number of forums and discussions the need for Jesuits’ involvement in education in the plantation sector was highlighted. Among many other subjects, assistance in English language was identified to be of great importance and demand. Loyola Campus, a Jesuit Tertiary Education institute that aims to empower and transform societies through education was missioned to Hatton for a venture in educating the plantation community and bringing hope to their lives.

Loyola Campus – Hatton would give preference to those students with great potential to succeed; those who otherwise would not have financial means or opportunity to enhance their skill and knowledge; and those who could assume leadership roles in the society.  Loyola Campus will ensure that the students who complete courses are committed to serve their community.

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