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Learning to Teach English

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I am Ms. Udaya, one of the facilitators at Loyola Campus- Hatton. I am really happy to share about my experience during the English training programme by Adrian Doff. It was a big opportunity for me. I really enjoyed and met so many people from India and different parts of Sri Lanka.

The training programme taught me many ways to become a good teacher. It is more valuable for me. As a teacher I am really proud of myself because of this opportunity. In the beginning, I was nervous. Everything was strange: the place, the people and the programme. I was scared to talk to the participants. I felt that the participants were highly educated and I was nowhere before them. But slowly I took courage and participated actively in the training. The participants were friendly, the sessions were participatory and I also had something to contribute in the training.

Mr. Adrian Doff taught us very well. He is British. I liked his accent and pronunciation. It was a great opportunity for me to listen to English from a native speaker.  I liked his approach. It was participatory. He made us comfortable and friendly. I had the privilege to meet him personally outside the training. He encouraged me to become a good English teacher and helped me to remove fear in me.

I want to thank Loyola Campus and the Jesuit Worldwide Learning ( JWL) for this opportunity. In future I will give my best to my own plantation community as an English facilitator of Loyola Campus- Hatton.

Rajendran Udayakumar

Facilitator- Hatton

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