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Nimalda Sivalingam


Currently I am following Pre-Intermediate level English for four months from May-June 2017. I followed Elementary level English from January – April 2017 at Loyola Campus. In my opinion, it is a good opportunity to learn English language here.

Now, I have improved. I can see a difference in myself. At Loyola Campus, they teach us using interesting methods. When they teach us, we never feel bored. They give a lot of works to improve our reading, writing, listening, speaking skills. The surrounding also really amazing. All the students, those who were studying and who are studying here, are really very friendly.

My eight months of Loyola journey is really wonderful. Therefore, I want to continue the next level of English here because I can feel my improvement when I talk to others in English. I would like to thank Loyola Campus for this improvement in me.

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  1. Thujeepan says:

    Ya I know good off studying place in Loyala campus

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